Jennifer Esau

Laura Beaman

Sue Lamb

Jackie Boyd

Helen Quiring

Tina Cole
Building Rep. Catalayah

Laura Beaman
Building Rep. Claremont

Meleynee Naegele
Building Rep. Roosa

Mistey Book
Building Rep. Westside

Pam Cook
Building Rep. Westside

Jackie Boyd
Building Rep. WRJH 6th Grade

Leslie Dealy
Building Rep. WRJH 7th Grade

Heather Braucher
Building Rep. WRJH 8th Grade

Helen Quiring
Building Rep. CHS


Welcome to the 2013-14 school year. There are are over 50 new teachers. Lets give them a Zebra welcome.

Welcome new members Regina H., Cindy B., Michelle B., Kendyl S., Terri P., Linda P., Sarah W., Mary B., Leslie N., James S., Mary M.,

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